Values – Equality, Creativity and Variety

Denmark’s brand is built on three core values: variety of places and experiences, a creative culture and the equality of people.

These values are Denmark’s greatest strengths as a travel destination for visitors, within both holiday and meeting/conferences tourism.


In Denmark, everyone is equal – we’re all equally important. What matters is understanding and being understood. Intimacy and meaningfulness are valued higher than wealth and status. You are judged by your ability and willingness to actively participate and get involved. Mutual respect is the fuel that drives social interaction. Our involvement is thus strong and lasting. The tone is informal, the communication straightforward. In Denmark you can get close to the people – to yourself, your family and your loved ones.


Experience Danish culture, where you are invited to become part of the creative spirit and get involved. Here, curiosity gives way to action. As children, Danes created their small universes from LEGO® bricks and were encouraged to develop through play. Perhaps that’s why Danish furniture design and architecture have such a strong reputation for the intelligent way they play with elements and shapes. The Danish DNA is encoded to perceive possibilities and challenge prevailing notions. In Denmark, you can get close to new and exciting perspectives and impulses rooted in the powerful Danish creative drive.


7,340 kilometres of coastline winding along 470 islands and peninsulas with lush forests, deep ravines, towering sea cliffs, yellow fields of grain, desert and marshland. The coastline passes through towns and cities alive with food and music festivals, biennials and opera of international stature. The world’s best restaurants and amusement parks give way to castles and manor houses nestled in the gentle hilly landscape just a stone’s throw from the buzz of the city. In Denmark a new experience is always nearby.

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