VisitDenmark’s logo consists of a written logotype “VisitDenmark” and the “Heart” symbol.

VisitDenmark’s logo is featured in two versions:

  • One international version for general use with logotype (VisitDenmark) and symbol (Heart). This logo is to be used in all countries that do not use the version with a national pay-off.
  • Two logo versions with national payoffs for market Norway and Germany. 

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Logo variations

The logo is featured in two variations. For both variations, the width of the logo must never be less than 20mm.

Click here to read about the logo variations.

Clearance zone - minimum spacing around logo

To ensure visual clarity the logo is to be featured on its own at a distance from other graphical elements. The spacing depends on the given circumstances.

When a logo is placed close to an edge (the edge of the page or a coloured background element) or close to other graphical elements it should always have a clearance zone equivalent to half the height of the heart, as indicated by the “X” in the renderings below.

The clearance zone defines the minimum unobstructed exclusion area around the logo. The white spacing may always be greater in size than the defined clearance zone.