Denmark’s visual identity

Denmark has a strong brand and a high level of creditbility among international travellers. In order to create maximum recognisability and coherence in all marketing communications, it is vital that the application of all graphical elements is consistent and that Denmark’s visual identity – logo, typeface, colour palette and graphical elements – is utilised correctly. Every single time.

The basic elements represent the building blocks of Denmark’s identity and brand. The consistent application of all of the basic elements is important in order to create a visual identity that is coherent, recognisable and which sends the desired signals.



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VisitDenmarks logo

Colour palette

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VisitDenmarks farvepalet


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VisitDenmarks typografi

Graphical elements

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VisitDenmarks grafiske formelement

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Branding Denmark as a travel destination

Denmark’s strengths and unique position on the international tourism market 

Photos and video clips of Denmark

VisitDenmark’s extensive image bank offers a wide selection of photos and video clips and is updated regularly. Using the material to promote Denmark as a travel destination is free of charge.