Denmark’s ‘MINDblowing meetings’ branding platform

The concept for the Danish meeting market is: MINDblowing Meetings – Welcome to meetings with a different MINDset. 

The concept expresses the Danish brand promise “Come and be part of it”. Denmark offers a different mind-set, a different state of mind, in which participants are not merely permitted to think independently and contribute, they are actively encouraged and motivated to do so. Meetings should feel intimate, so everybody feels involved in the process. Here, everybody is part of the solution. Here, it makes sense to ask “what's on your mind?”, because it is crucial for the outcome of the development process. No matter whether we are dealing with a small or large meeting, a meeting in Denmark is a meeting for “the MIND”. This is our key message.

In our communication, we express this as MINDblowing meetings.

The concept is supported by the original meeting design Meetovation. Through a creative and dedicated approach, Meetovation improves meeting effectiveness and in this way a significantly higher return on meetings and conferences. 

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MINDblowing pictures

Business Events Denmark uses four primary pictures in its marketing, but you can find more audiovisual material in VisitDenmark’s extensive picture and video library.


A unique meeting design concept

Putting the meeting concept to work

MIND is the recognisable element in our meeting concept. Learn more about how MIND should be communicated.