Denmark’s brand promise is: Come and be part of it

Come be a part of a culture where play and learning are the natural ways of spending time together. This is where you get to choose the experiences that will bring you inspiration and boost your energy – because everything from nature in the raw to the buzz of city life in all its diversity is close by.

What is a brand promise?

The brand promise is the feeling and the expectations that the marketing initiatives aim to instil in potential tourists – a promise which is fulfilled when visiting Denmark. The tourist has gone from being an observer and object to being a participant and subject. Being a participant is the very foundation of the brand promise.

Denmark’s brand promise meets the tourist’s key travel requirements. Today, tourists seek to express themselves as active, multifaceted, inquiring and community-orientated people.

Three key travel requirements are:

1: Togetherness (reconnecting). The need to be a good parent/partner/friend and be part of a wider social unit.
2: Exploration. The desire to see and try out new things – expanding horizons and staying at the forefront.
3: Specialisation. The need to have specific requirements and preferences met.


Communicating the brand promise – Come and be a part of it  

VisitDenmark works with four target groups within Danish tourism’s three business areas: Coast and Countryside Tourism, City Tourism and Business Tourism.

Read more about the target groups under each business area and let yourself be inspired by the characteristics of Denmark that support the brand promise.

Families with children
Adult couples – Coast and Countryside
Adult couples - City 
Meetings & Business Events 

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