Convey the brand promise to the Meetings & Business Events target audience

Denmark’s brand promise is 'Come and be part of it'. The brand promise is the feeling and the expectations that the marketing initiatives aim to instil in potential visitors – a promise which is fulfilled when visiting Denmark.

When conveying Denmark’s brand promise to the Meetings & Business Events target audience, you can take inspiration from the following:

‘In Denmark a meeting is more than a meeting. MINDblowing Meetings are Denmark’s solution for creating effective and inspiring meetings. The starting point is your goal and expected  outcome, and you participate in new and interactive ways. We reduce one-way communication and increase dialogue, involvement and engagement.

There is time for networking and you can creatively use the physical set-up and the destination’s hot spots. You can taste the local cuisine and visit unique local places which are incorporated into your meeting. Ease of access, short distances and good infrastructure ensure that all of your needs are within reach. You can choose between a large selection of hotels with high standards or a unique setting in a rural or urban environment. Inspiring architecture and interior design, meetings under open skies and untraditional, often informal settings allow ideas and thoughts to run free. On-going evaluations are conducted. The goal is for participants and meeting organisers to obtain highly actionable, measurable returns (Return On meeting investment).’ 

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Denmark’s brand promise

Find out why the brand promise is important when marketing Denmark as a destination

The three values of the Denmark brand

Denmark’s brand is built on three core values: variety of places and experiences, a creative culture and the equality of people.