Convey the brand promise to the Families with Children target audience

Denmark’s brand promise is ‘Come and be part of it’. The brand promise is the feeling and the expectations that the marketing initiatives aim to instil in potential tourists – a promise which is fulfilled when visiting Denmark.

When conveying Denmark’s brand promise to the Families with Children target audience, you can take inspiration from the following:

‘You venture out into the countryside, Denmark’s biggest playground – and it’s always close by. On the beach, the family catches crabs together, finds fossils and amber, goes fishing and watches time fly while enjoying the magic moments.

Your holiday home sleeps all the family, but with space for each of you. You cook up new Nordic dishes based on meat and vegetables from roadside stands and organic farm shops.

You feel the rush in the amusement parks and track down thrills at museums and palaces, in cities and landscapes, all at your own pace.’

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Denmark’s brand promise

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