Convey the brand promise to the Adult Couples – Coastal and Countryside target audience

Denmark’s brand promise is ‘Come and be part of it’. The brand promise is the feeling and the expectations that the marketing initiatives aim to instil in potential tourists – a promise which is fulfilled when visiting Denmark.

When conveying Denmark’s brand promise to the Adult Couples – Coastal and Countryside target audience, you can take inspiration from the following:

‘You’ve let time fly in the city’s green parks and at the top museums, cafés and restaurants. You now want to take off and explore. You rent bikes and go walking along coastal trails, through fields and meadows, forest and woodland. You discover hidden-away places, local arts and crafts known only to you.

You take as many breaks as you like in small villages with inviting places to eat where you enjoy tasty food made from local produce. There’s no rush, you are far from everyday life. On reaching the day’s destination, you sample sweet strawberries from a field – you picked your own and paid the local grower afterwards.
Tomorrow you plan on finding a spa resort, and in a few days’ time you’ll stay at a rustic inn. If the fancy takes you, that is. All your options are open because of the closeness of everything. The main thing is having the time to just be.’ 

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