Convey the brand promise to the Adult Couples – City target audience

Denmark’s brand promise is ‘Come and be part of it’. The brand promise is the feeling and the expectations that the marketing initiatives aim to instil in potential visitors – a promise which is fulfilled when visiting Denmark.

When conveying Denmark’s brand promise to the Adult Couples – City target audience, you can take inspiration from the following:

‘You’ll create your own sanctuary in the city where you’ll cycle, swim, skate and play in parks designed for activity. And much of it can even be done all over the city – kilometres of cycle paths await you.

New experience centres and old museums in magnificent classic buildings invite you to take part, touch, play and learn hands-on rather than as a passive observer. You’ll experience award-winning architecture from the inside, the outside, from above and below. You’ll shop in quaint side streets and in grand department stores.

Great art and inspiring performances will lift your soul – and afterwards you’ll cool down by the harbourside with a hotdog. Or you’ll indulge at one of the many world-class culinary hotspots – and you’ll know that life is good.’

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