Business Events Denmark’s visual identity

Due to its very specific target group, Business Events Denmark has its own visual identity.

The visual identity resembles VisitDenmark’s to a large degree, but deviates in some instances to meet the target group’s needs. This includes name and logo as well as the choice of pictures and selected colours. 

This design guide establishes the visual identity of Business Events Denmark. In order to ensure maximum recognition and cohesion in the overall marketing, it is crucial that the use of all graphic elements is consistent and that Business Events Denmark’s visual identity – logo, typography, colour scheme as well as graphic form elements – are used correctly. Every time.


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VisitDenmarks logo

Colour Palette 

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VisitDenmarks farvepalet


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Graphic design

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VisitDenmarks grafiske formelement

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MINDblowing pictures

Business Events Denmark uses four primary pictures in its marketing, but you can find more audiovisual material in VisitDenmark’s extensive picture and video library.

The basic elements are the foundation of Business Events Denmark’s identity and brand. 


It is important that all basic elements are used uniformly, so the visual identity is cohesive, recognisable and sends the intended signals to the market and contacts. 

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