Business area: Coastal and Countryside Tourism

Coastal and Countryside Tourism includes all leisure travel undertaken outside of Denmark’s four largest cities, and where the motive for travel is Danish coastal life and nature experiences.

Coastal and Countryside visitors travel especially to experience Danish coastal life, nature, and good accommodations.

See below for the Top 10 reasons visitors choose Denmark as a holiday destination.

Source: VisitDenmark, Visitor Survey 2014. City tourists staying in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg or Odense.

Target audiences 

Within the Coastal and Countryside Tourism business area, the VisitDenmark target audiences are Families with Children and Adult Couples

Families with Children

The target audience is parents with children and grandparents holidaying with their grandchildren. The families typically stay in holiday homes or at campsites. They are characterised by a high level of activity. Safety, cleanliness and nature are key motives for these visitors.

Core values:
> Child-friendliness
> Safety and cleanliness
> Nature experiences
> Space for activities and learning

Adult couples

This target audience is made up of visitors without children: young couples, adult couples or friends without children travelling as a group. They are pleasure-seekers who look for urban, rural and cultural attractions, inspiration and relaxation in peaceful surroundings.

Core values:
> Getaways and indulgence
> Sharing togetherness
> Mindfulness
> Culture
> Gastronomy

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