Business area: Business Events

Business Events includes all travel to Denmark with the purpose of attending a meeting, conference or professional study tours/field trips.

Within this business area, VisitDenmark works with the Meetings & Business Events target audience.

The target audience includes international meeting agents and corporate planners working with companies that plan meetings, events and incentives abroad.

Core values:
> Innovative and informal meeting concepts
> Infrastructure
> Inspiration

International meeting planners navigate in a competitive market in which clients constantly challenge them to present new and innovative solutions. Destinations and venues are often selected on the basis of predetermined criteria such as geography, attendance figures, budget and/or familiarity. Good accessibility with direct flights and well-functioning infrastructure are minimum requirements of meeting planners, just as the choice of meeting facilities and hotels rate highly in the initial search.

Experience also shows that emotional selection criteria are also increasingly playing a significant role. The meeting planner is seeking the exact choice that will provide the client with a unique experience and which will add to Return on Investment.

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