In Denmark, everything is closer

Den danske brandingplatform ”In Denmark, everyting is closer”

Konceptet for det danske mødemarked hedder ”In Denmark, everything is closer” og udspringer fra indsigten om at hovedformålet med mange møder og konferencer er at fysisk samle medarbejdere i håbet om sammen at skabe forandring.

Konceptet tager yderligere udgangspunkt i en række danske styrkepositioner, som beskrives således:  

A well-connected destination

Denmark is the ideal location for your business event, meeting and conference. In Denmark, everything and everyone work closely together to ensure your meeting is not only easy to plan, but also that you leave better connected and inspired to find solutions to your business challenges.

Everything you need

Denmark infrastructure is meant to bring all areas of the country closer together. With international airport hubs, efficient public transportation, and a variety of modern and historical venues to cater to any meeting need and capacity, Denmark takes your meetings closer to success. Extensive support from collaborative event partners limits your hassle and is with you the whole way. In Denmark’s safe and livable cities, you will experience Michelin-starred Danish cuisine in vibrant neighborhoods bursting with outstanding design and architecture – all close together. And, of course, you will closely interact with the Danish people – among the happiest in the world.

Progressive thinking

What’s more, the Danish mind-set of participant involvement, tolerance for diversity and progressive thinking offers a unique and innovative approach to meetings. With thought leading inspiration within design, architecture, green solutions, maritime business and life science - Denmark will bring your vision closer to reality and your people closer to the answers for tomorrow. People, ideas and where to meet, in Denmark, everything is closer.


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Business Events Denmarks visuelle identitet

Business Events Denmarks visuelle identitet

De fem temafortællinger

Bliv inspireret af Danmarks temafortællinger og hvad der differentierer Danmark fra andre steder. 

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Branding af Danmark som mødedestination

Branding af Danmark som mødedestination